"No Steeple, Just People"

The Solution is ALWAYS: Give Me More Jesus!

The Declaration of War Against the Forces of Darkness

The Church of Liberty One Page Battle Plan

Do you hear the voice of God? How? How well? Are you SURE it's Him?

Do you have victory over sin? You could. It's real. If you're a Christian, you're supposed to.

Do you have things torturing you? You don't have to. Jesus is the answer.

Do you have abiding peace and joy? You could, you know. If you're a Christian, you're supposed to.

Do you feel shackled to systems and structures of Man? You're don't have to. Jesus came to set you free.

I don't have any Jesus and I want some!  Click Here.

I don't have any Jesus, why should I want any?  Click Here.

I don't have any Jesus and I think you guys are all nuts.  Click Here.

I have some Jesus, but not enough. How do I get more?

Jesus is not a one-time thing!  Get filled with Jesus!  Fill My Cup, Lord.

Is it true that God talks to people?  How?  Can I get that? (Link to Forum discussion.)

Who was Jesus? The Claims of Jesus - What did He say about Himself?

What is holiness?  Can I really live without sin?  Advanced Cup Management.

Are miracles real? Healing? Raising people from the dead?

I already have LOTS of Jesus, stop preaching against my church!!

I already have LOTS of Jesus in me. Can we just talk about Him? (Link to Forum)

Is the "church" really going to persecute the Church?

Why not a Ministerial Association?

Lots more at www.FellowshipOfTheMartyrs.com


More about the City Church concept:

Explanation and Justification for the City Church - FREE AUDIO BOOK, TOO!
(Substantial quotes from Watchman Nee with questions and answers)

Doug Perry

The Normal Christian Church Life
Why the "City Church"? Entire Book Online FREE!
Especially read Chapters 4 and 5!

Watchman Nee

Things that people have written about their marvel at and love for Jesus:

He Must Increase

Chip Brogden

The Old Cross and the New

A.W. Tozer

Back To The Cross

Chip Brogden

Epistles of the Heart


Religion Versus Relationship


Jesus Christ, The Great Superlative


What Is This Love?


He Is Coming!


Repentance as a Way of Life


Our Rest In Christ


The New Reformation - NEW!

David Orton




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