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List of the Liberty Congregations

Open Letter to all Elders of the Body of Christ in Liberty - 2/22/06


Liberty Timeline

Since December, 2004 (and before) people have been coming to Liberty, MO from all over the world to be in place for this.

April 2005 - Work begins in Liberty on a God-designed, God-sized massive computer portal to connect all the City Churches through the use of the internet.

April 2005 - On a Thursday night at a private prayer meeting in the showroom of BuiltToLastHome.com at some time between 7pm and 10pm, someone ritually sacrificed a cat in front of the storefront. No mistaking it, blood everywhere, slit throat, the whole deal. If there's a war between good and evil and nobody is shooting at you, how dangerous can you be? We took it as quite a compliment. :-)

Spring and Summer 2005 - Many people in Liberty are fasting and praying and interceding for the Body of Christ.  Some fast for 20 or more days. Some fast without food OR water for days at a time (as many as seven days). A number of spontaneous training, teaching, praying meetings occured. None were planned or programmed. All were direct by the Holy Spirit and no particular person was in charge. Everyone left with what they needed most. There were a number of healings, and people that received deliverance from old roots of things that had been oppressing them. To those who had left homes and jobs to come to Liberty, God showed Himself faithful through miraculous provision of money over and over. Many people report EXTREME spiritual warfare around Liberty during this time, increased illnesses and other things.

Just after midnight on the morning of June 26th the Church of Liberty website was published up to the internet. This date was specifically directed by God. In fact, we tried to upload it for a week prior to that and it wouldn't go (no matter what we tried!).  June 26th was Pentecost. We believe God is revealing Himself in a new way through the City Churches. Not really a new way, as much as a restoration of the way it was in the beginning and the way it was supposed to be all along. The Church of Liberty is not NON-Denominational, it is PRE-Denominational.

On the evening of August 13th, a meeting was called to pray and intercede for the the Body of Christ in Liberty. A dozens of people were invited, but from among them those who were allowed by God to attend were all businessmen.  (We believe that the business people hold the key to restoration as they have less to lose and a greater understanding of efficient use of resources and effective delivery of goods to those in need.)  This date (August 14th beginning at sundown on the 13th) was the 9th day of the month of Av according to the Hebrew calendar. This is the low point of the Jewish calendar. A day of mourning and fasting. This is the day the spies came back out of the Promised Land and told the people that there were giants and they couldn't win. All the people cried and because of their faithlessness and cowardice, God sent them back into the desert for 40 years and everyone over 20 years old would die and never enter the promised land (except Joshua and Caleb).  God has repeatedly used this date to remind the people of their lack of faith. Both temples were destroyed on the 9th of Av; Jerusalem was mowed down by the Romans on the 9th of Av; the Jews were kicked out of England on the 9th of Av; synagogues and Torahs burned in France on the 9th of Av; Hitler began the Holocaust on the 9th of Av - and more.  If we showed ourselves as unwilling to go where God was leading us (no matter what the challenges and "giants" in the land), I believe we would be in for the same punishment. These men stood in the gap for the Body of Christ in Liberty and offered to lay down their lives if God would heal and restore His people. They interceded strongly and urgently and repented for all the wasted time and effort and lives by the Body of Christ in Liberty as we built our own little empires instead of being ONE under His headship.

Following this date, there was an immediate increase in the hardship and stress on these men. There was a period of serious faith-testing as they endured increased physical, financial, emotional and/or spiritual pressure. All endured and in about two weeks there was a break. God is always faithful.

September - Clare Kaegi arrives from Australia to help.

On the evening of October 3rd, God called another meeting. This was a time of food and fellowship and communion and prayer. This was attended by families and a wider cross-section of those who have had an interest in The Church of Liberty. This was an important date because it was the end of Shavuot (the time of mourning after the 9th of Av) and, after sundown, it was Rosh ha shannah, which is the Hebrew New Year.  This is the traditional time that a trumpet (shofar) is sounded and a new thing beginnings. It is a time of rejoicing and a setting aside of the old. We believe (and received confirmation from the Lord through multiple people) that The Church of Liberty turned a corner on this date.

While there were other meetings not mentioned here, particularly during the Feast of Tabernacles, on the evening of October 12, God called a meeting. This was the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) and was another time to repent and weep and mourn before the altar (see Joel 2) on behalf of the Body of Christ and ask that He would turn from His just anger of the state of what we've built. (We find out later that right around this date several new, young, wild-eyed pastors get moved to Liberty to fill vacancies or replace people leaving. God is sending reinforcements.)

On October 31, we believe that the Church of Liberty got a Lampstand. We don't have time here to go into all that that means, but basically it's God's seal of approval of a Body that is in divine order. (See Rev. 2 and the message to the Church of Ephesus.) It's also access to the BIG weapons of war to bring the Body into obedience.

Followings Yom Kippur, we were told to begin driving around Liberty (the entire school district) on Sunday mornings and praying that they be one and lifting up individual congregations and praying that the walls would come down (like Jericho). This started on October 22 and went for seven Sunday mornings until December 3.  On the seventh time around we really felt that the walls were coming down and it was time to shout. What do you shout? You shout "JESUS!!!" really loudly in whatever medium you can. Following this were letters to the editors of the papers asking if the 1/2 of 1% of the church budgets being spent on the poor could really be Jesus' idea. And other efforts aimed at getting the word out about the Church of Liberty and the need for change. We will continue to make as much noise as possible until all the walls come crashing down.

Following October 31, things started moving REALLY fast. More volunteers and assets and financial donations came in. More people came that needed food and clothes and shelter and other things that we were able to provide from the donations that were coming in. Even furniture and toys and other things. Many families (almost all Brothers and Sisters) have been cared for. Most of them members of congregations in Liberty that won't or can't feed them. (Why care for the poor?)

Soon after October 31, we were handed responsibility for the publication and promotion and support of the Left-Handed Warriors book. Other projects for which this Body is to have responsibility are pouring in, including ministry partnerships in Turkey, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Kenya, and others. At the moment we have massive things ahead to be accomplished and not nearly enough people and assets to get it done. (How to help, click HERE.) But God is faithful and it will all happen in His time.

December, 2005 - Chris Evans shows up. Larry King shows up. Other volunteers and ministers show up. Several churches are praying that we would all be one body. At one of them (Desperation Church), the youth minister (Dan Bennett) dies. At another (Bethel Church), the pastor is VERY sick (Jonathan Gannon). At another (Calvary Chapel), the pastor's daughter is very sick. One of the key people with InAsMuch and one of the three that gathered on August 13th (Dennis Stringer) is very sick.

January 1st, 2006 - Everything shifts into a higher gear. Some of the congregations and pastors are on board. Donations of stuff are pouring in and getting redirected to those in need. More volunteers are showing up. God is telling people to quit their jobs and volunteer and live on faith. Every day is an adventure! On Sunday, January 1st, a team drives around Liberty as directed, praying on specific spiritual strongholds and flushing out the bad stuff. Soon after January 1st, the people listed above that were very sick are all completely well or firmly on their way back to health.  1/7 - Anthony shows up.

January 11, 2006 - The "Apology to the World" gets printed in the local Liberty paper. Enewsletter update goes out around the world. Responses in Liberty start coming in.  Prayer meetings at the shop every evening this week. Something is coming!

February, 2006 - More people are showing up and getting attached. People from other states are just showing up at or evening meetings. The City-Web computer network is getting nearly ready to launch as the Church of Orlando starts helping with that project. We're now connected with over a dozen City Church projects or people. Vanessa is instantly healed of stomach problems. Many families are helped with food and clothes and furniture and other needs.

February 22, 2006 - A letter goes out to all the "elders" in Liberty. (Read the letter here.) Around 100 leaders in official and unofficial roles all over town. MANY are left out for sure, these are just the folks we've met or know of.

March, 2006 - Purim is a very important turning point. (3/14 - See book of Esther.) A few elders start gathering to meet and pray. Regular e-newsletters start going out to business and church leaders. Doug helps lead a prayer retreat for one of the local congregations with great results. Suzanne, Kelly, Bob and others show up. Increasing contacts with city-church movements around the world. Everything is building toward something breaking loose in April.

April, 2006 - We hear from all over town that there is a great result from the Resurrection Sunday services. We hold a Saturday free-form (unprogrammed) worship night at the Liberty Church of the Nazarene. Lots of great prayer meetings. A couple of good morning leadership meetings with elders and pastors from around town.

May, 2006 - Yolanda is instantly healed of severe hip pain. Holly shows up. Scott gets really sick, then comes in for prayer and healing. Anne shows up. More congregations are getting on board. People are getting delivered instantly of addictions and getting saved and walking better with the Lord. All the meetings are determined by the Lord's scheduling.

June, 2006 - The furniture store closes dramatically. Two days of repentance praying on the sidewalk in the middle of town. We give away all the donated stuff in the building. Everything else (ever bit of the business) gets thrown in the dumpster by the landlord. We start inviting people to meet in the city park. God says we're working full-time for Him now.

July, 2006 - Chris Evans is sent to Ellensburg, Washington. Clare returns from Australia.

August, 2006 - On August 4th, following a "city-wide" prayer meeting (not exactly), the Lord indicated that Kansas City got a Lampstand. On Labor Day weekend, Doug mans a 24/7 prayer booth at the Rock the Light concert.  (Somehow it has to do with Nehemiah 12:27 and singers dedicating the walls.)

September, 2006 - Doug loses his house and family. All part of the plan. God begins to indicate that a road trip is coming. The spiritual "reigns" of Liberty is handed over to two local pastors - both of whom experience MASSIVE warfare pretty much right away. At the end of September (Rosh Hashanah), Doug is in Branson and by divine appointment meets the gap-standers and prays for the city. The Lampstand of Branson gets lit.  Finished the "Rain Down NOW, Lord!" book.

October, 2006 - Doug is sent out on a prayer walk (in the van) around the nation.  Nixa gets a Lampstand. Prayer with Rockaway Beach. Finished the Red Dragon book.

November, 2006 - Prayer with Oral Roberts University and Baylor and others. Every faculty member of Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth gets an Apology to the World personally delivered under their door. :-)  Lots of other divine appointments and miraculous provision as God meets every need throughout the whole trip. 

December, 2006 - Pick up Chris Frith in Knoxville. Manchester, Kentucky gets a Lampstand. Prayer in Cincinnati, Columbus and in Amish country (Holmes County, Ohio). Prayer for Patterson, NJ with gap-stander.  Back to Liberty in time for Christmas, then to Branson. New Year's eve with a beautiful "biker" church in Arkansas. Chris heads home on New Year's Day.

January, 2007 - Trip heads to the Northwest. Prayer in Butte, Montana and others. Divine appointments all over. Ontario, Oregon gets a Lampstand. Prayer for Boise, Idaho. Warfare in Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs and Taos and elsewhere. Prayer in Omaha, Nebraska and Hampton, Iowa. Meet gap-standers.

February, 2007 - Finished the "Dialogues with God" book and the revision of the "City Church" book. God's minivan breaks down in the desert in Oregon. God buys a newer, better one. Return trip to Liberty via I-40/Route 66. Get to Springfield/Branson and more prayer there. Return to Liberty on 2/21/07.  Final tally is 17,500 miles and 32 states. Don't know why, but realized that we drove the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Oregon Trail, the California Trail, the Santa Fe trail, and some others. We followed the route of the Missouri river to it's head. All of those come through Liberty, Missouri and Kansas City. Not sure all of the prophetic significance, but it was a wild ride. See map here.

Amazing provision and direction every step of the way. Informed that God is already moving and that we need to expect something big soon. Arrangements behind the scenes already in place. MANY people lost their jobs or being told to quit by God. Lots of people with free time. Hmmmm.  Working on two new books. Gotta hurry.  Praying for Doug's family to be restored.  Getting reports from around town of pastor rotations and churches preparing for something, but they don't know what. Some pastor's that had hardened their hearts are now totally insufferable. Others are being severely tested financially, legally, physically or otherwise. God is sifting.

March, 2007 - Praying and fasting. Lots of writing

April, 2007 - Weeklong prayer and fasting in the Bennett Park from Palm Sunday to Easter. A handful of people come from as far away as Connecticut to help.  A call goes out in the spiritual realms to let people know that there is healing and LIBERTY to be had in Liberty, Missouri.  People are getting lit up and radically transformed and healed. The snowball continues to roll.

May, 2007 - City-wide revival in Polo, Missouri on May 12th. Some really dramatic personal revivals and transformations and healings. People come from South Dakota, Connecticut, South Missouri and elsewhere.

June, 2007 - Increasing spiritual interest all over town. More people continue to come to Liberty for ministry and healing.  The beginning of the "Biggest Cup of Jesus" awards and surveys begin to go out around town for nominations.  The goal it to bless people quietly serving - and to find the true elders of the Body of Christ in Liberty.  Cooperation with ACTS (All Christians Serving Together) holding inner city outreaches in Kansas City, MO on June 9 and June 30.  Others come from all over. Increasing phone calls and interest in the City Church. Increasing contacts all over the world. The snowball is getting bigger. Without more help, it's going to be unmanageable soon. Audio books go out on YouTube and GodTube and GoogleVideo.

August, 2007 - The Liberty Disaster Relief Ministry House is opened. A three bedroom townhouse with 14+ beds, a food/clothes pantry and begins meeting needs in a rough part of town. People begin to come from all over to stay and get ministry and contribute to meet local needs.

October, 2007 - The first "Community Care Event" is a FREE Garage Sale in the city park where two semi trailers worth of stuff is given away to any that have a need.  Retail space is donate, equipment and more is donated by local businesses. A hotel donates 40 rooms worth of furniture. The school district promotes it to all the needy families in town through the social worker network.  Over 250 people come and get what they need. Donations come in, even on the day of the event.  All organized and directed by God and a handful of volunteers.  We purchase three acres for the Generation of Victory Ministries orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya.  We send money to Ghana for several cases of Bibles in the rare Ewe language.

November, 2007 - The second "Community Care Event" is a free Thanksgiving dinner for any that want to come. Over 140 meals are prepared and given away - some to people that come to eat and some after the event packaged up and delivered to shut-ins and even to the bus station downtown.  Many are blessed.  Rick drives out to help from Indianapolis.  Donations of food and clothes continue to increase.  We've been given four refrigerators, four freezers, a washer, a dryer, an oven and multiple smaller appliances!  People have come to the ministry house from Florida, Connecticut, Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, and elsewhere.  We connect with John and Lisa Day and the production of much new FOTM music begins. The snowball is rolling and growing!  Over 175,000 views of the videos on YouTube, GodTube, Google, MySpace and LiveVideo.  Emails coming from all over the world.  We purchase the old Post Office in Mosby, Missouri and rename it the "Holy Ghost Office". It becomes the Mosby Outpost for Liberty Disaster Relief.  Excelsior Springs is also added and gaining steam.  Still trying to get Brother Charles out of Nairobi, Kenya and on a plane. (MAXIMUM refining in Brother Charles!) 

December, 2007 - Liberty Disaster Relief - Tulsa is started.  Others are in the works. The connectivity is growing.



Moving forward we will see God continue to show up in increasing ways. We expect more answers to prayer and in more dramatic ways. Every day more people show up, led by God, wanting to help.

If God Himself would talk to you and tell you what to do - would you do it? Do you hear Him? Why not? He does talk to people, you know. All the time and in clear audible ways. There's lots of folks around here that hear Him just fine.

If you love Jesus, but you don't hear the voice of God talking to you. We can help.  If you DO hear voices but you're not sure if it's God or not, we can help.  If you hear Him really well and you know for sure it's Him, we'd like you to consider if you have a role helping with this.

We WILL NOT AT ANY TIME insert ourselves between YOU and GOD. This is a One-on-One walk and there will be blood on our heads if we steer you wrong! We're just going to try to push you toward Him. We just preach Christ and Him crucified and urge you toward Him. (Read more here.)



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